Discover Prompts, Day 19: Three

three ducks in a pond

Welcome to Discover Prompts! Throughout April, we’re sharing a daily prompt to help you keep or regain your writing rhythm. Not sure how to participate? Read on.

Today’s prompt is all about trios, triptychs, and other things that come in three parts.

Ready to roll? All you need to do is…

  • Write a new post on your site in response to the prompt.
  • Tag your post with Discover Prompts and click Publish.
  • Head to the Reader to engage with other participants’ posts.

Need more ideas? Not sure what to write around Three? We’re here to help:

  • Write about the three objects, books, songs, people, or places that best tell the story of the past year in your life.
  • Share a photo that makes a great use of the rule of thirds. (Or, as an alternative, go for an image that showcases three subjects, whether they’re human, inanimate, or something else.)
  • Haiku famously call for three verses. Write a few (maybe… three?) about something you saw on your last walk.
  • Publish a short story or a piece of memoir composed of three sections or vignettes.
  • Think about where you were — geographically, mentally, professionally, or any other way — three years ago. What’s the biggest change you’ve gone through during that period?

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