Ask, Listen, and Learn: Understand and Engage Your Audience with Polls and Surveys

Have you recently moved your consulting sessions online and want to gather feedback from clients? Do you plan to start a new business but need to collect data before you launch? Enter Crowdsignal: a simple yet powerful way to create customizable polls, quizzes, and forms.

With a free Crowdsignal account, you can get started right away and create an unlimited number of polls, surveys, quizzes, and ratings. These tools can help you better understand your target market and interact with readers, fans, clients, and customers.

Crowdsignal is integrated with, so when you’re ready to create your first poll, survey, quiz, or rating, simply sign up or log in with an existing account. Here’s a quick introduction.

Crowdsource ideas with polls

Whether you’re a recipe blogger looking for inspiration for your next dish, a fiction writer pondering your next short story, or a photographer gauging interest for your next webinar topic, you can tap into your audience with polls. Ask your readers and followers targeted multiple-choice questions to gather their responses.

Gather data with surveys

In addition to polls, surveys capture information, whether you’re collecting feedback from existing readers or clients or gathering data and preferences from potential customers that have found you online.

With a survey, you can compile information in different ways, including multiple-choice questions, free text questions, ranked items, and more.

Integrate interactive content with quizzes

Need a way to evaluate the language students you tutor? Or perhaps you’d like to send initial tests to new students in order to place them at the appropriate level.

With a quiz, you can ask people a variety of questions and manage how quiz results are displayed (or not) to them. You can also optionally set a passing score.

Get quick feedback with ratings

With ratings, readers can quickly evaluate your blog posts, photos, and other types of content on your site. Choose a rating system of stars (one to five), or a simpler “thumbs up/thumbs down” option.

Do more with Crowdsignal

  • Match your brand: To post a poll or survey quickly, choose from among pre-made themes. But you can also customize the look and feel to be consistent with your brand or existing site palette.
  • Share across your network: Embed polls and surveys on your site (or as a popup), promote to your followers on Twitter and Facebook, or share the link in emails.
  • Control your data: Export your poll and survey results and analyze them in a tool you use, like Google Sheets and Excel.

Ready to gather information and engage with your audience?

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