International Women’s Day: Who Would You Like to Celebrate?

International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women and their contributions to the world, is coming up on March 8, 2020. So we’d like to ask all of you: what woman in your life would you like to celebrate on this day?

The woman you’d like to recognize, honor, and celebrate could be someone you know or with whom you’ve crossed paths, or even someone you’ve never met but has inspired or influenced you. Perhaps it’s a loved one, a blogger, a professional in your field, or a change-maker out there in the world.

Tell us who you’d like to recognize — and why. We’ll gather responses in the comments over the next few weeks, and then share highlights in March on this blog and our social channels.

We look forward to reading your responses!

February 17, 2020Feminism, Gender, Identity, Inspiration, , ,