HeyMama: Building a Community of Working Mothers

Katya Libin and Amri Kibbler noticed something missing in their lives: a supportive network of career-driven mothers. So they founded HeyMama, which connects working moms at any stage of their lives. This membership community includes CEOs, executives, and professionals in chapters across the United States, and their WordPress website has been essential in building this network.

Three-quarters of expecting mothers say they are excited to go back to work after having a child, yet 43 percent of them end up leaving the workforce. When Katya became a mom, she didn’t feel like she had a community, and instead felt isolated and scared. “The juggle is so real,” says Katya. “Without having a strong community or just even one or a few friends that you can call when things are going crazy, motherhood is incredibly hard. It’s a lifeline to have those friendships.”

After meeting and becoming close friends, Katya and Amri wanted to recreate that experience and make it easier for women to meet, grow, and support one another as they navigated their personal and professional lives. “It became really obvious to us how beautiful and impactful having someone to lean on and a real true friend could be in your life, and we wanted other women to be able to have that,” says Amri.

As co-founder and chief executive officer, Katya focuses on the growth of their business and, since its launch in 2014, has brought HeyMama to nearly a dozen cities across the US. Her background in business partnerships and event programming allows her to create meaningful experiences for HeyMama’s members. With an editorial background in publications like Cosmopolitan and Glamour, co-founder and chief experience officer Amri brings her brand and storytelling skills to HeyMama, interviewing women and creating inspiring content.

Amri Kibbler (left) and Katya Libin (right). Photo courtesy of HeyMama.

We felt like our community could be more than two people, and together we built HeyMama.

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Their website is the digital hub for the community, for members and non-members alike. Members can log in to access the network’s benefits, like meeting other moms in their area or looking for a job, while non-members and casual readers can explore stories and features on their blog, The Mamazine, and sign up for the HeyMama newsletter.

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As their community has expanded, their website has become more robust. “We were first-time entrepreneurs, and we were figuring out how to get HeyMama off the ground, and WordPress came up as a platform to host our community,” says Katya. “Four-and-a-half years later, we’re still connecting and thriving on WordPress.” In addition to the online magazine and membership-only content, you can also apply to be a member, get information about becoming a partner, and more.

“As a bootstrap startup, without WordPress we would have never been able to achieve such a beautiful, polished website,” says Amri. Today, HeyMama’s engaging, visually appealing homepage is a testament to the organization’s rapid growth, highlighting a diverse community of strong women.

Photo courtesy of HeyMama.

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