WordPress Websites of LGBTQ+ Organizations Around the World

Out in Tech connects leaders in tech to LGBTQ+ activists worldwide. At events, volunteers are teamed with organizations to help them build a website and grow their online presence. To kick off the Out in Tech hackathon in Los Angeles on June 1 — and to celebrate Pride Month — here are 12 LGBTQ+ websites, launched at previous Out in Tech events, that are committed to diversity and inclusion in their local communities and beyond.

Brown Girl Woke educates and empowers young women in rural Samoa, especially girls between the ages of 12-18, to transform culture and policy in their society.

The Rasan Organization is a community in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan, that improves the lives of women, youth, and LGBTQI by providing legal, psychological, and social support, as well as basic necessities such as food and clothing.

African Queer Youth Initiative is group of young activists across Africa. The goal is to amplify the voices of young African LGBTQI and provide the tools needed to enact change through campaigns, initiatives, advocacy work, and networking.

Equal Ground promotes equal civil, political, economic, and socio-cultural rights for the LGBTIQ community in Sri Lanka. It also publishes Equality, the first LGBTIQ lifestyle magazine in the country.

Valientes de Corazón is dedicated to defending and protecting the rights of transgender people in Ecuador.

Uganda-based West Nile Rainbow Initiative (WERAIN) aims to provide accessible, stigma-free sexual health and justice services to the rural and marginalized communities of the West Nile sub-region of Uganda.

Friends of Diversity supports the LGBTI+ population in Botswana through community outreach and support, including peer groups, professional development, and counseling.

Pink Coconuts is an LGBTQ destination guide to Barbados and works with local LGBTQ companies, tour operators, and event planners. “By booking with Pink Coconuts you are contributing to the empowerment and the lives of gay and LGBTQ people across the island.”

Amkeni Malindi is an LGBTIQ/MSW (male sex worker) organization in Malindi, Kenya. The organization supports marginalized and sexual minorities by creating a safe space and access to low-cost social, legal, and health services.

Pioneer Filipino Transgender Men Movement (PFTM) focuses on SOGIESC advocacy, human rights education, HIV /AIDS awareness, and resources on medically guided hormone replacement therapy for trans masculine communities in the Philippines.

Focused in Sub-Saharan Africa, Taboom’s Media Monitoring and Response Coalition (MMRC) mobilizes journalists, activists, policymakers, and others to “rapidly and collaboratively track and combat dangerous and otherwise problematic media portrayals of taboo human rights topics in a unified and systematic manner.”

Based in New York City, the Hetrick-Martin Institute creates a safe and supportive environment and offers services and programs for LGBTQ youth between the ages of 13 and 24 (and their families).

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