Getting the Most out of our Quick Start Service

Did you know that with the Business Plan, you get Quick Start session? Two, in fact. These half-hour, one-to-one sessions with a Happiness Engineer are held over audio chat with screensharing. We’ll answer your questions and equip you with the knowledge and resources to create the site of your dreams, be it a blog, a business site, or both.

In today’s post, we’ll cover what you can expect with Quick Start and offer some tips on how to prepare to make the most of your sessions.

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What can Quick Start Sessions do for me?

Starting a site for a business or to blog is exciting! It can also be a little intimidating. If you’re feeling uneasy and not sure where to start, speaking and screen-sharing with a friendly Happiness Engineer can clear your confusion. Post-session, customers report feeling less overwhelmed and confident in not just knowing the next steps to take, but how to take them.

How do I access my sessions?

When you sign up for a Business plan, we’ll email you the details on how to schedule an appointment at a time that’s most convenient for you.

What can I expect in my sessions?

While we’re not able to set up your site for you, we’ll answer all your questions. You can expect expert advice, tips, and resources on site setup from a friendly Happiness Engineer. You’ll work one-to-one via audio chat and screenshare using the Zoom Client for Meetings.

What can I do in advance to prepare for my sessions?

Learn more about the basics of site setup or sign up for a free course that gives you daily instruction via email and bite-sized site building tasks to kickstart your progress.

Here are some steps to take before your session, to help make the most of your time with a Happiness Engineer at your virtual side.

  • Add as much content to your site as you can before your session. Your content will help your Happiness Engineer to understand precisely what you’d like to achieve and that helps them offer advice and tips specifically for you, especially when it comes to SEO and choosing themes and plugins. Not sure how to get started? Here’s how to create a post. Here’s how to create a page. Here’s the difference between the two.
  • Browse themes in the showcase. Doing a little design window shopping before your session can help you and your Happiness Engineer settle on a choice. Also, if you know what you like, they can offer some alternatives and walk through their features to help you choose.
  • Find an example site or two to share. Are there other sites you like — that you find particularly effective? Maybe you like the theme of a certain site or wanted to know how a site allows clients to make contact. Having examples that show what you’re after can help make your wishes clear.
  • List your questions. Are you not sure of how to do something in particular? Not sure about where to find more help? List your questions to keep the session focused and efficient.
  • Configure Zoom in advance. If you don’t have Zoom software on your computer install the Zoom Client for Meetings.

What are customers saying about Quick Start?

Here’s just a few comments from customers who have done a one-to-one Quick Start session.

Excellent and very much headed me in the right direction. Answered my questions, and helped me get me site moving. Thanks!

“Thank you SO MUCH for all your help. This makes a huge difference. I really appreciate you taking the time to meet and following up!”

It was very helpful, covered key functions well and was able to be customized to answer my questions. Very good for a half-hour opportunity, and much-appreciated service.

I felt quite daunted before the call but Sam answered every one of my questions with ease and left me feeling confident about my new website and how to handle it moving forward. Thank you Sam! Thank you WordPress! This is proving to be a wonderful experience.

I received exceptional support from Kathryn. After learning that as a new customer that I was entitled to a support kickoff meeting, the event was even better than I could have imagined. All of my questions were answered effectively, I did not feel rushed, I felt confident in my abilities to implement our discussed matters and most importantly, I was directed to helpful material to continue my learning with WordPress. I am very thankful for the support offering by WordPress and the incredible service provided by Kathryn. I am now more excited than ever to build a great site!


What if I don’t have the Business plan but could use a session?

Good news! Quick Start sessions are now available to any user for purchase. You can learn more here.

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