The Most Frugal Vacation: A Photography Roundup

While the daily average temperature says we’re officially out of the pit of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather — with wild storms and frigid temperatures — refuses to acknowledge fact. After saying last rites over the car battery that recently expired at -46C, I longed for some relief. Enter the Reader and the photography tag, which allowed me a quick trip to warmer climes to top up my well of inspiration.

ROOM 2850

While the snow may have been swirling on the evening this photo was taken in London, England, the trumpeter’s arched body communicates a warm enthusiasm for the piece he’s playing. In Ian Forsyth’s photo, I love how the happy trumpeter is apart from his more subdued bandmates, creating a lovely juxtaposition.

Photo by Ian Forsyth.

One Day | One Image

The morning light shining through the rides in this shot of Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier in California says today is going to be a great day. In Melinda Green Harvey’s photo, I hear the laughter, smell the sweetness of candy apples, see the Ferris Wheel’s slow revolutions, and feel the anticipation of a day at the fair.

Photo by Melinda Green Harvey.


There is nothing that says the height of spring to me like dandelion seeds on the wind. I love how Brenda’s photo makes the typically soft seeds appear sharp, almost dangerous. She took this, along with several others, in response to a photo challenge theme, “repeating patterns.”

Photo by Brenda.

Greg Cromie Photography

Greg Cromie is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. His photo of a rainy evening taken in Tokyo reminds me of delightfully long, warm summer evenings. I can’t help but wonder what the man in the foreground is gazing at outside the image.

Photo by Greg Cromie.


Flowers! Still months away from flowers in my own garden, I was delighted to discover Andy’s photo essay from the flower market in Bangalore, India. Isn’t the “bee’s eye view” of the vibrant color from above the market quite stunning? I can almost smell their fragrances.

Photo by Andy.

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