Build Your Brand and Grow Your Audience: Our Best Advice

Whether you want personal or financial freedom or you started your labor of love to scratch a creative itch, you did it: you started your own business. Now it’s time to build your brand and grow your audience (and customer base!) with your business website.

Here’s a roundup of our best advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want their site to stand out from the crowd.

Branding ABCs: Simple But Striking Typographical Logos

You don’t need to hire a designer or spend a lot of money to make a positive first impression with your logo. This post offers excellent examples of memorable logos that use initials in creative ways and tips on how to make your mark.

Look for fonts with strong shapes, or try your hand at a drawing of your own. Every font has a broad personality like “simple” or “fun” or “sophisticated,” and more unusual fonts add other layers of meaning: these three stylized letters communicate “bold impact,” “forward thinking,” and “science-oriented” to complement three very different brands.

A Quick Guide to Using Free High-Quality Photos on Your Site

Sharp, eye-catching images are critical to making a professional impression and building trust with customers, though they need not empty your wallet. Here, we show you how to find and add strong images to your site with our Free Photo Library.

Displaying professional, high-resolution images across your posts, pages, and headers can elevate the look of your site. But what if you need a specific photo — an adorable pup portrait at the park, for instance — but don’t have one of your own? With the new Free Photo Library, you have access to over 40,000 free images, thanks to Pexels, a library of stock photos. Learn how to make the most of this new feature in your Media Library.

Five Post Ideas for Your Business Blog

Blogging regularly helps you connect with your customers and gives them a reason to keep returning to your site. Here we offer a few suggestions for when your idea well runs dry.

Help customers get the most from your product
Educating customers on how to maximize your product or service is always a win-win. D’Artagnan supplies organic poultry, game, foie gras, pâtés, sausages, smoked delicacies, and wild mushrooms to restaurants, hotels, retailers, chefs, and consumers. Their blog, Center Of The Plate is a veritable buffet of recipes geared to helping customers to get the best out of their products. Posts, which feature some lovely (and tantalizing!) photography, highlight what customers can make using their products. A repeated sign-off paragraph in each post reinforces the company’s raison d’être and commitment to quality.

Five Ways to Build Your Audience

“If you blog it, they will come” is the dream of every DIYer trying to attract site visitors. The dream can come true, with some know-how and a little bit of effort each day.

Make it easy to follow your blog

At The Garden Diary, blogger Teresa places the Follow Blog widget at the top of the sidebar on all her site pages. No matter which post or page visitors land on, they’re greeted with a prominent invitation to subscribe to receive posts via email. Nearly 10,000 subscribers can’t be wrong!

Here’s how to add a widget to your site.

A Recipe for Success: Three Tips for Selling Your Product

If you’ve got a product or service to sell, this post offers great advice on making sales, from how to promote your product to displaying the Simple Payments button.

3. Keep it simple: use a payment button to sell on your site
On his “Buy Sauce” page, Damon continues the minimalist approach: the header image is a simple but striking shot of him holding a jar of sauce to the camera. Below, the two-sentence headline is short but effective: “One sauce. Many uses.”

He uses the Simple Payments button to sell the original and spicy versions of his sauce directly from this page. With the payment button, customers can specify the quantity they’d like to order, and buy via PayPal, credit, or debit.

SEO Basics: To Grow Your Site’s Traffic, Make It More Visible

Making your site irresistible to search engines will help attract site visitors and leads. In this post we walk you through some important basics to get your site noticed.

Tip for everyone: For posts, use the Categories & Tags module to organize content and add extra metadata. Use up to a combined 15 categories and tags, and always use at least one custom category (even if every post is assigned to the same one). Otherwise, they’re automatically assigned to “Uncategorized,” which doesn’t do much for your SEO.

Looking for more on how to build your audience and your brand? Check out our business feature archive.


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