Purrfect Portraiture: Girls and Their Cats by Photographer BriAnne Wills

In her popular Girls and Their Cats series, BriAnne Wills documents women and their furry companions. The Brooklyn-based fashion photographer has captured over 200 women — and their rescued or adopted cats — in their homes in New York City and Portland, with upcoming shoots in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The photos, accompanied by anecdotes from each woman, are intimate and stylish portraits celebrating the bond between human and feline. Here’s a glimpse of this lovely photo project.

Nurse and birth doula Yael Borensztein with her cat Phoebe (and her brother’s Devon Rex).

I don’t know if it’s because I work with pregnancy and birth, but I like to say that I gave birth to her from my own body, and I do stand by the fact that, in certain moments, I see a family resemblance.

— Yael Borensztein, East Village, NYC

Vanessa Nemec of Girlfriend Toast with her cat, Gatsby.

As the oldest of six kids and someone who loves to have people and things to take care of, I was thrilled to give this kitty all of my love and attention. He’s been my best friend ever since. He’s seen me through college, heartbreak, four jobs, three apartments, two cities.

Vanessa Nemec, Portland, Oregon

Feminist artist and model Aisha Awadallah with her cats Tigger Oscar Wilde, Xena Warrior Princess, and Alexander the Great.

My three cats are all kind of reflections of me and represent the full spectrum of my personality and phases in my life. I’m an artist, natural introvert, and love creating a comforting and colorful home environment and these three eccentric furballs with their superfluous names and strong personalities are essential to it.

— Aisha Awadallah, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NYC

Vintage clothing buyer Sara Anderson and her Sphynx named Loki.

Loki has helped me return to creative and optimistic parts of myself that were misplaced while I was feeling unmotivated and sad. Animals are incredible healers and I am eternally grateful for Loki’s companionship and generous loyalty.

Sara Anderson, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC

Hairdresser Dana Boyer and her cat, Peewee.

I’m sure everyone says this but he’s honestly my best companion — when I’ve had a rough day or I’m not feeling well or I’m going to bed — all I can think about is getting into bed with him. He’s really taught me so much about showing up and having a pet, even when it’s inconvenient or annoying. It’s a very grounding experience and I’m kind of obsessed with him.

— Dana Boyer, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC

Beauty director and tarot reader Jade Taylor with her cats, Fredrick and Edie.

I know this is going to sound crazy (but whatever), we’re kind of telepathic with each other. He [Fredrick] can always sense when I don’t feel good and vice versa. I think the longer you bond with your cat, the more you begin to open up this really beautiful portal to understanding one another.

— Jade Taylor, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC

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