A Recipe for Success: Three Tips for Selling Your Product

Using WordPress.com to promote your business? Here’s one approach: keep it simple. Damon Davis, a chef based in the Chicago area, uses his website to promote and sell his fresh, flavorful “Everything Sauce.” Here are three ingredients that Damon uses to create a successful website.

1. Go minimal: build a website with the essentials

Damon’s WordPress.com Business site is part of Rebrand Cities, a project that aims to get more small businesses online.

Damon’s website is made up of just three pages: a front page introducing his sauce, a “Buy Sauce” page where you can purchase the product, and an About page. His front page is clean and modern, with a black-and-white palette with one accent color (which is sauce-inspired, of course).

The front page includes a full-width header area with the sauce’s name in bold and elegant font, a prominent call-to-action section (“the only sauce you need”), an image of the product, one customer testimonial, and a footer with contact info and social links.

Damon’s About page, via the menu button at the top right, offers a succinct description on how his everything sauce came to be, which gives the reader the right amount of info on the chef and his culinary concoction.

As you build your site, be strategic about page content creation. You can publish as many pages as you’d like, but it doesn’t mean you have to — do you really need a company history page? An FAQs page? For some people, lean may be the way to go.

2. Be direct: grab attention with one CTA button

The call-to-action (CTA) area on Damon’s front page directs potential customers to his purchase page with a can’t-miss “Buy Sauce” button.

Some themes have built-in CTA button styles, like Goran, Gateway, and Radcliffe 2. But if you don’t have a theme that supports a CTA button, you can also design your own with this step-by-step tutorial.

What’s the purpose of your website? To spread the word about your business? To get more bookings? To sell your paintings? Once you identify your main goal, you can craft the right messaging.

3. Keep it simple: use a payment button to sell on your site

On his “Buy Sauce” page, Damon continues the minimalist approach: the header image is a simple but striking shot of him holding a jar of sauce to the camera. Below, the two-sentence headline is short but effective: “One sauce. Many uses.”

He uses the Simple Payments button to sell the original and spicy versions of his sauce directly from this page. With the payment button, customers can specify the quantity they’d like to order, and buy via PayPal, credit, or debit.

Are you looking for a no-fuss way to sell your jewelry? To allow people to register for your DIY workshops with a few clicks? Create and add a payment button to any posts or pages on your site for your own product or service.

Ready to sell on your site? Use the Simple Payments button — and much more — with the WordPress.com Premium plan.

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