Create Value Through Your Content: How to Be a Resource for Your Readers

Have you built a website for your professional work or your business? Crafting an online presence isn’t just about promoting yourself or your brand — some of the best entrepreneurs and creators make themselves indispensable to visitors by turning their sites into resources. These Business websites demonstrate how to offer value through your content.

Establish your expertise in your industry

Position yourself as a reputable source in your field, whether it’s raised bed gardening, vegetarian cooking, or tiny house construction. At Inspired by Marvin, the blog of the Marvin family of window and door brands, the manufacturer shares home and interior inspiration and design profiles that help establish the brand’s vision. The blog also has a “how-to” category targeted to general consumers and potential Marvin customers — these posts give accessible, expert advice on construction industry topics, like window condensation and replacement.

Share your knowledge with readers without expecting anything in return. Become a go-to resource, especially for specialized topics. And don’t forget to link to other well-respected sources — you’ll build trust this way and improve your SEO, too.

Publish timely posts that showcase your products

Share relevant content while highlighting your products or services. At 40 Weeks of Chic, upscale maternity brand A Pea in the Pod publishes inspirational blog posts tied to the season — think spring must-haves and summer sneak peeks. The company’s blog is stylish and tightly curated — reflecting its clothing line — but also functional: posts link directly to merchandise in A Pea in the Pod’s online store.

Inspire your customers and showcase what you’ve got. Then, make it easy for them to purchase your goods. With access to plugins — including WooCommerce — Business subscribers have access to more eCommerce options and can build the online store of their dreams.

Provide educational opportunities like classes and workshops

Are you a master knitter? Did you recently publish a memoir and have a thing or two to share with aspiring authors? Use your website to promote services like classes and workshops. On his website, woodworker Brian Holcombe includes a “Learn” tab in his main menu with links to classes and resources, like his one-on-one lessons on using hand tools. Brian’s site is an all-in-one hub to showcase his craftsmanship, sell his products, and publicize his services.

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Offer ways for your readers to go deeper — teach them! Get started immediately by adding Simple Payments buttons to your site, which makes it easy for potential students and clients to register for a class or book a session with you.

When offering takeaways, be practical and personal

If your site is a personal space — a place to capture your musings or document family memories — publishing practical tips may not be your goal. But if you’d like to be a resource in your niche, it’s best to offer useful information in every post. Riselle, the Sint Maarten-based blogger at The Traveling Island Girl, has built an archive of destination guides, travel tips, and hotel and airline reviews — content that informs her readers. But she also includes more personal posts into the mix and lets her personality shine, which creates a nice balance.

As a resource, aim to be informative, but remember that simply presenting facts and details isn’t enough — you need to be memorable so people return to your site for your own unique spin on things. Show us the real you.

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