What Do You Want to Accomplish This Year?

In 2018, we’re excited to inspire you and help you to reach your goals. What plans do you have for your blog or website this year? We’ve compiled responses from our WordPress.com Year in Review to kick off the conversation.

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I’m looking forward to finding like minds, reading more excellent blogs, and posting some of my own.

— Kyt, Kyt Wright

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I’m committed to spreading awareness of depression and how it impacts society. I’m thankful for WordPress and the ability to blog because it helps my anxiety so much!

— Mark, Stigma Unraveled

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By the end of the school year, which is in May, I hope to have 500 followers. I want to continue growing my blog as the year continues. My goal for followers by the end of the year hasn’t been decided, but depends on if I reach that 500 follower goal or not.

— mphadventuregirl, Meg’s Magical Musings

Tip: Unsure how to get followers? Focus on genuine engagement. Read posts on sites you follow and leave a comment when you truly have something to say or add to the discussion. In his recent guide on commenting, writer Nathaniel Tower shares his thorough take on moderation and leaving and responding to comments. An older post by Susan Rushton on the art of commenting is another nice read on commenting etiquette.

I would like to keep being inspired by my dog and the people who come into my life.

— Teddy the Dog’s owner, Teddy the Dog Talks

Tip: The writer at Teddy the Dog Talks has the right idea! Find inspiration from your life and the people and things around you — your adventurous pet, the strangers you encounter, your passion for typography — and figure out your unique perspective and how best to tell your stories or blog about your experiences.

For 2018, I’ll be aiming to match my 52 weeks/52 posts record that I set in 2017 — small change to most, but a massive milestone for me! — and I’ll also be focusing on how I improve the quality of my content.

— John, Brushes with Watercolour

Tip: Posting regularly can be a challenge, and many writers and visual artists stay motivated with daily and weekly projects: daily poems, weekly illustrations, monthly essays, and much more. Weekly photo challenges and daily one-word prompts at The Daily Post can also give you a boost when you need new post ideas — subscribe to the blog if you don’t already!

What would you like to accomplish on your WordPress site in 2018?

January 10, 2018Inspiration