The Power of Reading: Readers Respond

Last week, we highlighted Ann Morgan’s amazing reading project, Postcards from my bookshelf. For each month in 2017, she’s selecting a book and mailing it to a reader somewhere in the world.

Readers had much to say about Ann’s book-labor of love. Here are a handful of their responses.

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None of my friends or family read and I sometimes feel disconnected from them because of it. It’s almost as if I have discovered insights and ideas they cannot possibly comprehend. But when I do find someone who shares my love of reading, we talk like we’ve known each other for years. There’s an immediate bond that forms and it’s quite magical to discover.


I’ve been so impressed about this project that I want to take part in it, of course, if it’s possible. I’m sure your experience as a human being has grown a lot because of it. I’d love to know more titles so I could read those books too. Thank you so much for sharing your passion and for proving me that kindness and love still exists in this world!


I’ve always been intrigued by how books commonly serve as an icebreaker or seamless way of initiating conversation, even with total strangers. I cannot tell you the number of times I’m reading on the train or at a coffee shop and strangers, some of whom I’m certain are otherwise very introverted folk, will come up and initiate conversation by asking what I’m reading, whether it’s any good, and so on. I think this further illustrates how community building and socially engaging reading can be. It is a common ground that so many people can and want to relate on, which is a really wonderful thing.


Reading diverse authors, I’ve heard, is one of the best ways we can all build social justice and inclusion acumen. Just as Ann has shown, having the courage to reach beyond our comfort zones and expand not just our reading lists but our life lists — the things or ideas we turn to forpleasure and inspiration — means challenging our assumptions about what a “good” book really is. I read this article at a point in my life when I want to challenge myself to think different, and allow myself to BE different through understanding others in a deeper, more meaningful way. As Ann demonstrates, books are a conversation and an entry point to so much more. Thank you for highlighting her efforts on DISCOVER.

Angela Noel

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