How Ann Coleman Found Her Voice Through Blogging

When Ann Coleman started to blog, she worried about expressing her true feelings, offending others, and what readers might think.

In this post — three years into her writing adventure — she credits blogging for helping her silence the inner critic and find her true writing voice. “My blog has brought me many gifts,” she says, “but that is by far the one I appreciate the most.”

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At first I was terrified of putting my writing on a public forum where everyone and anyone could both read and comment on it. My inner critic went into overdrive, and I poured over my posts before actually publishing them, searching for flaws and carefully deleting anything that I thought could be offensive or misinterpreted.

Luckily, my readers were a small but polite group who mostly offered encouragement and the expected criticism and rejection never materialized.

I gained more confidence with each post, slowly but surely learning to ignore my inner critic and to put my true thoughts and feelings on my blog without quite so much worry and angst. I began to write about whatever subject was near to my heart, and I learned that honesty (as long as it is not also hateful or hurtful) is perfectly okay. It took me a while to recognize it, but I had finally found my writing “voice.” My blog has brought me many gifts, but that is by far the one I appreciate the most.

Even better, I have discovered that finding my writing voice has actually given me more confidence to speak my mind in person. I am no longer nearly so inclined to tell others only what I know they want to hear. When asked for my opinion, it has become almost natural for me to share my true thoughts and feelings, even when I know that others around me will probably disagree with what I have to say. My old fear of rejection is fading fast, and that’s a very good thing.

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How has blogging shaped you and your writing?

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