Two More Ways to Sell on Your Site with a Payment Button

Last week, we introduced a few ways to use the new Simple Payments feature, available to Premium and Business customers. Here are two more great examples of how to use the payment button.

Make it easy for people to pre-pay for your event

Based in Philadelphia, Incite Seminars offers a series of non-credit, college-style humanities seminars for adults. On their seminar registration pages, they list upcoming sessions and include details like the seminar description, date, cost, and facilitator.

When making your button, you’ll fill in various fields of a form — the “Name,” “Description,” and “Price” of the item you are selling — to create a listing like this:

Sell your books, music, art, and more

Queensland-based writer and photographer Jimmy Nails inspires readers to expand their understanding of and appreciation for the natural world. He’s a campaigner for the Australian Marine Conservation Society and author of Making Tracks, a book he self-published about his journey in the great Australian outdoors.

On his purchase page, he offers three pricing and shipping options: shipping within Australia, pickup in Brisbane, and overseas shipping (in US dollars).

When you create your button, you can set the currency by clicking the currency button in the “Price” field.

Great! How can I add one?

The Simple Payments feature is available on Premium and Business plans. To add a button, go to My Sites and click on Site Pages → Add or Blog Posts → Add (or open an existing page or post).

In your toolbar, click the ⌄ next to the ⊕ symbol, and then the Add Payment Button option. You’ll fill out the details for what you’re selling and add the email address for your PayPal account (where the money will be sent). Your readers can then send you a payment with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account!

Upgrade to the Premium or Business plan to enjoy this feature — as well as advanced social media and customization options, unlimited access to all premium themes, and more.

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