Display a Short Bio on Your Front Page with a Widget

Your About page is one of the most important pages on your site. But what if readers with short attention spans don’t click over to read it? Here’s a quick tip: display a short version on your front page, so visitors know immediately who you are. These three lifestyle bloggers show how it’s done.

Britanie Faith created her blog, Beauty By Britanie, to share her passion for beauty, fashion, and wellness. She has struggled with chronic health conditions for most of her life and focuses on healthy, clean, conscious living.

She customized her site with the Rosalie theme. In her right sidebar, she uses a Text Widget to display a photo of herself and text about her blog and mission. She also links to her About page and her email address for personal and PR inquiries.

You may see an increase in spam if you use an email link. One great alternative is using the contact form shortcode in a Custom HTML Widget, which allows people to contact you but doesn’t show your email address on your site.

Stylist and graphic designer Vivianne Oz’s interests range from fashion and travel to gastronomy and all things French. Her lifestyle blog, Yummy Mommy Paris, is written in French, but her chic style and travel photos can be enjoyed by all.

Like Britanie, Vivianne uses the Rosalie theme. At the top of her sidebar, she introduces herself with a portrait and short description of her background and passions. She uses two widgets: a Gallery Widget to display a single image with a circular frame — a style that you can set in the widget’s settings — and a Text Widget underneath for her bio.

Founded by a mother-and-daughter team in 2010, Alyssa Nicole is a demi-couture collection made in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Daughter Alyssa, the designer behind the brand, began making collections when she was 16 years old. Alyssa’s clothes are ethereal and feminine, and her romantic, delicate style is reflected in the design of her blog, or “designer diary.”

Using the Swell theme, Alyssa takes advantage of the full-width template for her homepage and blog posts. Having no sidebar, she uses her three-widget footer area for extras: a Recent Posts Widget (left), a Text Widget (middle), and a Categories Widget (right).

With the Text Widget, she displays a brief bio with a list of publications, plus an email link for blog and brand inquiries.

New to widgets? Here’s a quick video tutorial:

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