Overcoming Fear: Readers Respond

Recently we highlighted a post by Allison K. Williams at Brevity, in which she shares how she responds to fear, rejection, and “failure” as an artist, using falling at acrobat practice as a beautiful metaphor for dealing with them as a writer.

We asked readers how they persevere in the face of failure or rejection. Here are some samples of their wisdom.

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I think everyone in a creative field should see failures as a stepping stone for their pursued goals. And never forget why we do what we do.


Every time, Failure is a word I strive to outsmart. I teach my children failures are lessons learned, and they don’t define you unless you let them.


I like to believe that failure is part of success. Without failure first we can never truly know success. Use failure as motivation and never give up. Fear is the enemy of success.


For me, fear of rejection is wayyy secondary to fear of not getting to the point of being rejected at all.

F.M. Richter

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