Business Owners: Five Ways to Refresh Your Website Without a Blog

If you’re a business owner, you need to focus on running your business, not maintaining a website! It can be a challenge to publish blog posts on a regular basis, for example, but there are ways besides blogging to keep your website fresh for visitors and potential customers.

Display a personalized note at the top of your sidebar

If you don’t have time to blog, make tiny tweaks to your homepage periodically to keep it fresh. One way is to display a note in a Text or Custom HTML Widget, placed prominently in your sidebar. Add these widgets by going to My Sites → Customize → Widgets.

Update this text weekly or monthly, depending on what’s going on — promote your upcoming flash fiction workshop, announce the 15% discount on your jewelry, or display a motivational quote on your nutrition site, which you refresh several times a month.

A simple Text Widget, as shown in the sidebar of the Qua theme.

Change your front-page welcome message

Some themes support a custom homepage message or “call to action” (CTA). These messages can help to introduce your company, brand, products, and services.

Not all themes have this feature built into their designs, so review your theme’s features to see if it supports this type of message.

To keep your front page fresh, update this messaging regularly. Announce company news. Promote a pop-up event or new items for the fall season. Or spread the word about a special offer that expires in one week. You can change this message in a section of your Customizer (My Sites → Customize), depending on your theme.

If you don’t have a theme with a dedicated CTA area but have a static front page, add text somewhere in the body of the page for this type of temporary, seasonal messaging. At Art in Motion, for example, Detroit ceramic studio owner Kay welcomes visitors with bold text near the top of her site. This is a can’t-miss location — ideal for news and updates.

Show off your client and customer testimonials

Some themes have a built-in testimonial feature that lets you display customer praise for your services or products on your front page. Oftentimes, these themes display testimonials in a rotating showcase, so people will see different reviews and recommendations on each visit. See how this works on the website of Peter Bachak’s design studio, Osmosis, which works with clients on Australia’s east coast.

Osmosis uses the premium theme Venture. Explore other themes that take advantage of testimonials.

If you don’t want to use this testimonial feature, another option is to display a quote from a customer, or a snippet from one of your Yelp or Google reviews, in a Text or Custom HTML Widget — and swap them out each month.

Embed your company’s Instagram feed

If your brand or business posts to Instagram frequently, you can activate an Instagram Widget to show off recent photos in your sidebar. Once you connect your site to your Instagram account, the feed in your sidebar will automatically update each time a new image is posted. It’s a simple way to visually refresh your homepage without actually tweaking it.

Check out the Instagram Widget in action at The Daily Grind, the company blog of La Colombe Coffee Roasters:

Promote your upcoming events

A final way to keep your site fresh is by displaying a list of upcoming events using the Upcoming Events Widget. Using an iCalendar link, the widget displays an embedded list of future events: a special sale at your store, a book signing, a gallery opening, and more. Similar to the Instagram Widget, it automatically refreshes your sidebar — while keeping site visitors and potential customers up to date.

Here’s an example on the sidebar of Jerry Mahoney’s website for his new series of books for young readers:

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