Blogging For Your Brand: How Ruffwear Connects to Its Canine Community

In charge of your company’s blog and looking for post ideas? Take your cue from Ruffwear, a maker of performance gear and adventure apparel for dogs — like harnesses, packs, and boots. (Yes, dog boots.) The company’s blog, Ruffwear Explored, strikes a great balance between highlighting its products and sharing stories from the community — a good example of promoting a brand through relevant storytelling. Here’s how they blog effectively as a business.

Promoting dog gear with high-quality photography

The blog’s sports and outdoor adventure photography showcases not just the Ruffwear brand, but its customers: both canines and their human companions. The images tell success stories while highlighting Ruffwear’s products — spandex gear with cooling technology, Vibram rubber boots, and float coats — in effective, unobtrusive ways.

Photo by Ruffwear Explored

Presenting stories from real customers

On the Share Your Story page, Ruffwear encourages readers to get in touch through a basic contact form to share their stories about their dogs and the products they use. One contributor, Lauren Weisenthal, describes life at sea with her two dogs, Cole and Marigot, which she and her husband adopted on Sint Maarten, an island country in the Caribbean.

Photo by Lauren Weisenthal

Providing practical information across topics

The blog mixes inspiring real-life stories with practical resources. For a sampling, check out how to achieve vanlife bliss with furry companions or how to teach your dog to climb, rappel, and be comfortable on the mountain.

Photo by Laura Patton

Sharing company values

In addition to promoting products and celebrating its customers, Ruffwear uses this online space to share their vision and values, which gives readers a closer look into what the brand is all about.

Earlier this year, for example, the company published an open letter in defense of public land in the US.

Ruffwear envisions a world where Every Dog is an Explorer. This vision inspires our product development, reflects our values, and creates a framework for the stories we share. We believe that dogs are happiest outside and that our relationship with our dogs is shaped by our adventures together. These outdoor experiences bring us joy, enrich our lives and make us whole. Ruffwear believes in protecting wild places where dogs and people go to play, which is why we are standing with the Outdoor Industry Association and many others in support of protecting public lands.

Photo by Tenley Lozano

Ruffwear Explored — a Business site — is the official blog of Ruffwear. Browse it for more inspiration and ideas for your own business!