Five Summer Recipes from Tending the Table

“Cooking and eating are a way to connect with the world around me and to support ethical and humane practices, environmental stewardship, and vibrant health,” writes food blogger Sasha Swerdloff.

At Tending the Table, Sasha shares plant-based, vegetarian, and primarily dairy-free recipes. Her simple but stunning food photography — set against a minimally designed site — showcases her dishes with local, seasonal ingredients. Grab a fork and dive in.

Nettle soup

I always look forward to foraging for nettles and turning them into this creamy, chlorophyll packed soup . . .

Quinoa salad with ramps, peas, and herbs

This salad is packed with spring alliums and herbs plus fresh snap peas, shaved fennel and pumpkin seeds for crunch. It is bright, tangy and satisfying.

Soba noodle salad

I like to make this recipe with whatever veggies I have on hand. I often make it with grated carrot and cabbage for a simple and bright version. Other times I’ll toss the noodles with roasted sweet potatoes and sliced cucumber. And it’s also great with asparagus.

Cinnamon rose horchata

Do any of you have a love hate relationship with summer like I do? Well, if you do, this horchata is for you. It’s a simple combination of almonds, rice, cinnamon, honey and rosewater. It’s creamy without being heavy and sweet but not too sweet. And the almonds, rice and rosewater are all super cooling.

Orange blossom water and honey sahleb with roasted strawberries

I’ll admit I’m a newbie when it comes to sahleb. . . . Let me tell you, it’s pretty much the best thing ever. It’s made with coconut milk, cornstarch and a little sweetener. That’s it. The result is a sweet, luxurious dessert that falls somewhere between pudding and yogurt.

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June 29, 2017Cooking, Food, Lifestyle, Photo Essay, Photography, Recipes