How Do You Generate Post Ideas? The Whirly Girl Doesn’t Force Them

Blog post ideas can be as ephemeral as dandelion seeds: one gust of wind and they’re floating away on the breeze. How do you sow the seeds of post inspiration? How do you capture those ideas before they fly away?

The author behind the whirly girl shares this blogging frustration in a cheeky, humorous post along with fun original illustrations.

Coming up with ideas is a crap shoot. I’ve no clue where they come from or where to look when I need one. Ideas have a mind all their own and follow their own sneaky, backstairs schedule. Sometimes they drop by, but more often they don’t.

You can’t force them, either; I’ve tried. It scares them off. Ideas, I’ve decided, are like birds, very, very skittery. Attempt a sudden grab and, fwip, away it goes. Gah, so frustrating and so typical. The better plan is to ignore how desperately you need a spark, a notion, any sign of brain activity whatsoever and go on about your day. Which, for me, means sitting on my keister and obsessing over stuff I can’t control.

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How do you come up with new and interesting blog post ideas?

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