Who Are You Writing For? Blogger Val Boyko Looks Beyond the “Like” Button

We hit the “Publish” button because we want to reach others — but have we lost sight of what connecting with a reader actually means?

In a digital landscape dominated by constant clicks and taps on Like buttons, Val Boyko — a life coach, yoga teacher, and the veteran blogger behind Find Your Middle Groundwrote a post inviting all of us (but especially new bloggers) to take a deep breath and think about who it is we write for, and why.

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon recently with new bloggers. Perhaps, if you are reading this, then you may have noticed as well. There are flurries of Likes one after another and then a Follow.

It’s your choice to tally scores, make as many connections as you can, and receive acknowledgement from others. Or, perhaps it’s time to slow down and read, absorb, listen and appreciate the goodness that others have to offer, and explore being in community with other people.

Read more of Val’s insights in her original post.

Do you agree with Val’s observation? What kind of interaction do you find meaningful when publishing a new post? Leave a comment and be part of the conversation.

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