Interaction and Community: How a Lifestyle Blogger Doubled Her Weekly Views

Starting a new site takes a leap of faith: you believe that somewhere out there, people are looking for what you have to offer, whether it’s your knowledge, your opinion, your products, or some potent mix of all of the above. But how do you find them?

Lifestyle blogger Kaylee Marie Huey launched her Jetpack-powered site earlier this year, and she’s already seen significant growth in her readership. Recently, she shared practical advice on building an audience and discussed the benefits of connecting with communities of people who share your interests:

My first tip would have to be to interact with your readers. If someone leaves a comment complimenting your post or asking a question, reply! Also if someone likes one of my posts or leaves a comment, I almost always check out their blog as well. Chances are if they enjoyed one of your posts, they have a similar interest and may blog about the same topic with posts that you would enjoy. This has helped me grow a following and I’ve discovered a lot of blogs I enjoy reading as well. I do not follow every blog that follows me, I only follow blogs I actually like.

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