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New to or want to learn more? We have various resources to give you a boost, like our support site and free email courses. And if you love to learn with videos, browse our YouTube library, where you’ll find tutorials to help you manage and build your site.

Learn the basics

In this series of videos, you’ll learn to change or personalize your site’s basic settings, from your theme to your title and tagline. We also walk you through the steps to set up a static front page — a common request from people who don’t want to display a blog on their homepage.

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Customize your site

These videos help you make your site your own. Display a site logo to visually promote your brand, for example, or add custom tweaks like your own background or header image. You’ll learn about lesser-known features and settings, too, like related posts and content options.

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Add content and media

In this series, you’ll become familiar with different kinds of media and content. We’ll show you how to publish posts and pages — the building blocks of any site — and add featured images, photo galleries, and contact forms. Bonus: if you’ve ever wanted to create a landing page (or a one-page site), we’ll show you how, too.

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Integrate and connect to social media

Mastered the basics of publishing? Now it’s time to share your work far and wide. These tutorials focus on the tools that promote your site across your social networks. You’ll learn to activate and control your site’s social media and sharing options and connect to your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts. You’ll also learn how to embed tweets, Instagram pictures, YouTube videos, and more.

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Manage your account

It’s important to ensure your account is always up to date. These videos cover the essentials, including changing your display name, email address, password, and language settings.

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