A Month Made of Art: Celebrating InkTober

With 31 one-word prompts in 2009, artist Jake Parker launched InkTober to improve his drawing skills. The goal? To create and share one drawing each day for the month of October. Today, artists around the globe participate, and we’re delighted to highlight five WordPressers who share their amazing art with the world.

Learn more about Jake Parker and the list of 31 InkTober drawing prompts.

A little bit of ink: the story of Jumbo and Scott

Illustrator Sherry Meidell’s wonderful take on InkTober tells the story of Jumbo, a baby elephant who befriends London zookeeper Matthew Scott after being torn from his mother in Sudan. A little bit of ink began on October 1st and ran through the month, with a new illustrative installment each day.

Illustration by Sherry Meidell
Illustration by Sherry Meidell — InkTober day 24.

White, blue, and whimsical: when pigs fly

Blaustift is German for “blue pencil.”

The blogger behind Blaustift offers a fanciful, fun interpretation of Flight, day 19’s prompt. Check out their portfolio and feast your eyes on a second (and third!) helping of art.

Illustration by Blaustift
Illustration by Blaustift — InkTober day 19.

A fresh drawing a day: InkTober every day, all year

Artist Hugo Costa started sharing his work after suggesting his art students complete a new drawing every day. Over 1,700 posts later, he’s still going strong.

Watercolor by Hugo Costa.
Watercolor by Hugo Costa.

Day 13: scary political satire

At The Messy Bun Series, artist Kanaka responds to the day 13 prompt, Scared, with some political satire. For more of Kanaka’s work, see their posts tagged inktober2016.

Illustration by Kanaka.
Illustration by Kanaka — InkTober day 13.

Curious about which themes best highlight art? Check out these free portfolio themes.

A selfie — in pen and ink

Artist Gui Lazarito doesn’t need a camera to produce a beautiful self-portrait. “It’s the best piece I’ve made with pen and ink,” she says. Visit GOOEYINK to see all her work.

Illustration by
Illustration by Gui Lazarito.

For more, be sure to follow the InkTober2016 tag in your Reader. Need a fix for your art addiction? Our Art and Illustration offer artist features and community picks.

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