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Let's Talk About Death

I haven’t posted in a little while. My grandma passed away, and I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of that. The funeral was on Saturday, I believe the burial is supposed to be tomorrow. 687 weitere Wörter

My First Thought...

I wonder how many people will read this…?

If you have taken the time to read my rambling thoughts then, well… thank you! I appreciate you giving up your time to see what this is all about. 112 weitere Wörter


Why ???

I never understood why people try to blame others and constantly judge them. Most of the times the victims of this blame game are the ones who haven’t done anything wrong. 226 weitere Wörter


Hi! I’m Lydia (1999), an Indonesian that has been living in the Netherlands since August 2017. Staying at home for most of the time made me start this website! 150 weitere Wörter


long time no see

hey everyone,

sorry it’s been a while. i’ve been trying to find time to blog for a while now, but school is so stressful this year so it’s been a struggle making time to do anything other than homework and studying. 305 weitere Wörter


From the base to the top

Clearly, given the current circumstances, we would all like to close our eyes and move on to the furore and festivities set out in Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s novel „The Great Gatsby“. 303 weitere Wörter