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April 2022 Pricing Statement

Pricing Statement

After checking with other mobile groomers in the area we have realized that our prices were well below the going rate. We strive to provide the best grooming experience on the market for pets, their families and our groomers. 235 weitere Wörter


Booksweet trip!

I went to my local bookstore, Booksweet, on Wednesday and saw some books I had reviewed out in person! For some reason I found this INCREDIBLY SURREAL so I did in fact take photos of them. 202 weitere Wörter


It's That Time Of The Year!

The Oh Soo Gracious GEMZ Dance Chapter is on the hunt for diamonds for the Spring of 2022! We are looking to train, to uphold our legacy at Eastern Michigan, and build a sisterhood. 122 weitere Wörter

One Love Symposium – This Week’s Events Aim to Unite Washtenaw County Communities and Public Service Providers

A Washtenaw County symposium aims to forge stronger connections between local communities and public service providers this week.

Known as the One Love Symposium, the three-day event is geared to educate local residents and public service providers who make high-impact decisions for the community, including doctors, teachers and police officers. 2.108 weitere Wörter