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Let the Vacation Begin...

Pam’s Pictorama Post: Today marks the official beginning of our summer vacation here at Deitch Studio, although Kim has the jump on me having started last week. 896 weitere Wörter

Kim Deitch


I started writing this blog like a week ago and then stopped because I just didn’t feel like writing. I started again the other day on the airplane but then decided that sleep was more important. 1.188 weitere Wörter

Going AWAY!

I am excited to share that I got my first piece of AWAY luggage! This luggage has been on my wishlist since they launched but I could never bring myself to buy it since I had a suitcase that was still great to use at home. 554 weitere Wörter


Paris... Is That You Playa

Aiight. My fingers have been itching to write and that’s a good thing. Being totally honest, I thought that itch was completely deactivated for real. I have been finding other ways to keep busy. 1.106 weitere Wörter

Jersey Girl

Pam’s Pictorama Post: Today I am writing from mom’s house in New Jersey. It is Memorial Day weekend and I am reminded that Memorial Day (much vaunted in this beach community as the start of the summer season) is almost invariably cold and wet. 656 weitere Wörter