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With the Band

Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post: These photos arrived in the mail last night with another which I will share in a later post. At first I hadn’t realized that there was more than one (it was on Instagram, they are similar and I wasn’t really focused), but the seller (@MissMollysAntiques) suggested I buy all three and I am glad I did as they do belong staying together. 546 weitere Wörter

How to Fall in Love with Paris in Just 4 Hours

June 6, 2019

Previously on this blog, I recounted my time in Nice, France, for a work conference. My co-worker was flying in and out of Paris, and so I booked my return flight home to coincide with his. 3.211 weitere Wörter


What's In My Suitcase: 3-Day Business Trip in the Back Bay

by: Danielle Ternyila, Zyia Active Independent Rep

Packing for a business trip used to be such a daunting task, with having to prepare for so many unknown variables, last minute dinners, and varied business-attire expectations. 560 weitere Wörter

Story Spotlight

know your geography

i meant to go to the tyler county senior center but somehow didn’t notice i typed “taylor county” into the iphone map instead.

i should have checked the route against the paper map, but i was in a hurry and hit the road. 165 weitere Wörter

February in Review

Snuggled up for a winter’s night at home.

This is screenshot of an email newsletter I have subscribed to (MondayGirl), it’s a career focused newsletter. And on Monday, February 14th, they did a newsletter on workplace romances and the week before they had a question box on their Instagram and I responded to it, and to my mortification, my response was included in the email, profile picture and all. 200 weitere Wörter

Month In Review


Pam’s Pictorama Post: I was very much in denial that it would happen, but when this week rolled around I found myself packing to head off on my first (albeit very brief) business trip to Chicago. 1.740 weitere Wörter

Why Do Insights Seem Close When There Ain’t No Sunshine?

Do you ever feel like some key knowledge or insight is imminent, but still just out of grasp?

Strange memories roll around in my head this cold night in Ohio. 218 weitere Wörter