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Going AWAY!

I am excited to share that I got my first piece of AWAY luggage! This luggage has been on my wishlist since they launched but I could never bring myself to buy it since I had a suitcase that was still great to use at home. 554 weitere Wörter


Paris... Is That You Playa

Aiight. My fingers have been itching to write and that’s a good thing. Being totally honest, I thought that itch was completely deactivated for real. I have been finding other ways to keep busy. 1.106 weitere Wörter

Jersey Girl

Pam’s Pictorama Post: Today I am writing from mom’s house in New Jersey. It is Memorial Day weekend and I am reminded that Memorial Day (much vaunted in this beach community as the start of the summer season) is almost invariably cold and wet. 656 weitere Wörter


Giving you a Glimpse of ME!

Soooo I’m back and working on trying to give you guys videos on travel tips and live footage of places I’m visiting and exploring. I’m new to all of this, so its taking me a little time. 411 weitere Wörter

Working to Travel or Traveling while Working??

Now I’m not an amazing travel blogger who lives that amazing travel life, island hopping from one place to another. I don’t just hop on a plane and get a 5 star hotel treatment everywhere I go. 206 weitere Wörter