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Understandable Derangement, by Eric Peters

It’s all about power and control, and facts, fairness, and logic are completely irrelevant in that formulation. From Eric Peters at

Today – Monday – may be the day the Orange Man is dragged feet first out of the White House. 202 weitere Wörter


In The Beginning . . .

Throughout the Middle Ages,Lancashire was ripe with tales of cunning folk.  In 1595 a conjure man called John Hartley convinced the Starkies of Huntroyde that seven members of their household were possessed by demons.  255 weitere Wörter


What is cancel culture?

Cancel culture is smearing with false accusations.

It is as old as the hills. It is mentioned in Genesis in the Bible (e.g., Potiphar’s wife… 61 weitere Wörter

Witch Hunts

What is it like to be cancelled?

What is it like to be slandered by a violent stalker with accusations that are, literally, deranged? What is it like to be visited at work by the police because a violent stalker has lied about you? 926 weitere Wörter


RadFem: "... prostitutes should be shot as collaborators"

UK RadFem/TERF Julie Burchill once wrote: „When the sex war is won prostitutes should be shot as collaborators for their terrible betrayal of all women… 99 weitere Wörter


Burning Witches a Way to Oppress Women

The Mercies

Kiran Millwood Hargrave spins her story of oppression, control, and women finding comfort in each other out of a true incident, the sudden rise of a storm off the coast of Vardø Island that instantly took the lives of forty fishermen on Christmas Eve, 1617. 546 weitere Wörter