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Shri Ram Global School the Finest Online Learning School in Greater Noida West


SHRI RAM GLOBAL SCHOOL is one of the greatest and leading schools in greater Noida expressway. The school’s chairperson is Jyothi Kapur. 471 weitere Wörter



Vespasian (pr. ves-pay-zhee-an or ves-pay-zhen; Forvo) comes from a Roman cognomen, Vespasianus meaning „belonging to Vespasius“, a name of uncertain meaning though it could derived from Latin… 69 weitere Wörter



Last night’s dinner was a double feature of ceviche… well not really.

For dinner, I made a Mexican based ceviche and a Ají Amarillo based tiradito! 27 weitere Wörter


Texit goes on: Abbott closes bridge with Mexico at El Paso without consulting Washington. And he's right.

Abbott is taking independent decisions from Washington DC about immigration, Texas just closed the bridge of passage from Mexico to the USA, he just doesn’t accept the executive orders of illegitimate President Joe Biden, now what will Joe do? 514 weitere Wörter


No Church In The Wild

Now I understand, finally understand the true meaning of the saying „no church in the wild“, you cannot be christian in a wild situation, christianity is a luxury for padded velvet houses and spoilt children, when you are at war you cannot be a christian, remember a video by Alan Jones of Sky News Australia about certain veterans that were condemned for war crimes and Alan was defending them quoting a man who had been sent I believe to the Vietnam war and he said in 6 months or perhaps even the first 6 weeks “ I had to unlearn everything that my Judeo-Christian upbringing had taught me“. 825 weitere Wörter