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Best Vegan Hiking Boots

This guide will help you find durable, grippy and supportive hiking boots that contain no animal-derived products. Powered by plants on every adventure, let’s go! … 1.143 weitere Wörter


11 Vegan Foods and Drinks You Need To Try In Costa Rica

I’ll be honest. Costa Rica isn’t known for its cuisine. It’s a very simple culture with foods and drinks made with simple ingredients. However, there are several things that I always make sure visitors try when they come to Costa Rica. 796 weitere Wörter


Greece Week 1

Week 1/3: Arrival in Athens and road trip to Desimi Beach, Lefkada

I will be posting weekly entries for this trip! I’m in Greece for exactly 3 weeks so there will be 3 posts. 1.706 weitere Wörter


Thriving As a Vegan Traveler

In 2019 my husband and I set sail on two separate vegan river cruises – one in France, and one a week later in Portugal. The food on the French cruise was incredible. 612 weitere Wörter


Bilbao - short trip

Thankfully, this trip involved a lot of great vegan restaurants, artisan market shopping and cozy accommodation. There are many great hotels, airbnb’s and backbackers throughout Bilbao but if you are interested in staying in the old town area, I highly recommend the Basque Boutique. 1.247 weitere Wörter