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Further Adjustments to the Plan

Please don’t hate me… but I’ve changed my training plan again!

I had to. I was really bummed out about missing almost every single weekend, and to be honest, I think I’ve figured out why. 276 weitere Wörter


Today was just another pool swim, but I was called out by the only other swimmer in the lane, for not doing enough lane swimming. She stopped me to tell me that she didn’t want to argue about lane etiquette, – . 256 weitere Wörter


Latest - Amphibian Identification & Ecology

A new online training course from Froglife

Learn to identify the amphibians that are found in London and about their basic ecology (including both natives and non-natives). 50 weitere Wörter


Developing Your Leadership Skills as a Woman

Over the last few decades, our culture has seen a tremendous increase in the number of women leaders.

From the beginning, God instructed men and women to function as equal, interdependent partners. 21 weitere Wörter


Limiting Beliefs

What is the danger of limiting beliefs? We sell ourselves short without trying.

Let’s look at some limiting beliefs.

“I don’t have a good memory.” 200 weitere Wörter


My alarm went off and for some reason I thought it was Saturday so I turned it off. Thankfully I am on-call this week and about 30 minutes later an email came in the set off the same sound as my alarm. 100 weitere Wörter