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Keep art by children whether a simple bird or a powerful Thunderbird!

Defining art from a child’s lens can be a mystery. Sometimes good art may seem bad and bad art, seem good. I realize from learning from my children that it all depends on how the art moves you. 321 weitere Wörter


platform fatigue

With the myriad of platforms used to counteract the absence of most direct interactions at work, I start to suffer from platform fatigue, constantly switching to a different interface and wasting a lot of time on retrieving links from old emails and reentering passwords… Even a single platform like Teams requires permanent juggling between Dauphine and Warwick (obviously linked with Microsoft constraints), plus repeated updates that clash more often than enough with Firefox. 80 weitere Wörter

University Life

Thunderbird Coffee

Thunderbird Coffee has been an East Austin staple for 14 years. Opening in 2007, Thunderbird is a hipster-esque coffee shop. There are two locations in Austin, with the original off Manor Rd. 892 weitere Wörter

Austin Coffee

#1 Such Solution to Change Thunderbird Password 0nline

Mozilla Thunderbird is that the open-source and cross-platform email client service. it’s referred to as a strong, highly efficient and versatile email application that caters needs of many users. 474 weitere Wörter

Change Thunderbird Email Password



It is the time of the Thunderbird who is the messenger between the people of earth and Great Spirit. It is time to remember who you are and why you are here.  718 weitere Wörter