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#KRRC Ride 246 - Adventure ride - "Slopes of hell" , 10th Jan 2021

The name „Slopes of Hell“ invokes images of the Dakar Rally, massive boulders, crazy trails and so on. The 36 riders who ultimately enrolled for this ride were given fair warning for what was to come. 641 weitere Wörter


I was told there was a Thunderbird at the Aravina Estate

Much to my disappointment, it wasn’t one of Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds that I came to enjoy as a kid:

It was just what appeared to be a 1964… 85 weitere Wörter


New in Thunderbird 78.0

Thunderbird 78 looks great. I can’t wait until there’s an upgrade path from 68.

I use Evolution for work mail, for psychological separation, but also for Exchange support, and I have to say: Thunderbird is just much easier to use, in that you can customize it into whatever you want from a client. 23 weitere Wörter


Please log in with your browser and try again

Alert from account xxx Please log in with your web browser and then try again

Is what you might see in various places when trying to communicate with Google’s mail server, where „xxx“ is the account you want to use. 259 weitere Wörter

Enhanced Mail Support in Latest Win2PDF 10 Update

Win2PDF has always had the capability to attach a new PDF file to a mail message, though the implementation was limited to the default MAPI mail client on the computer (typically Outlook). 278 weitere Wörter

Win2PDF 10