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A new Strained Brains podcast with me and Burt, Part 2 of 5, is UP!

Burt’s snake hunting dreams, steroids, growing tits.  This one was recorded on October 3.  Check it out here:  Strained Brains  Part 2 of 5

In Strained Brains, I interview my best buddies, alternative medicine practitioners, military “elite,” a massage therapist who grew up in the third world and started a thriving business in America, along with a whole lot more!  289 weitere Wörter


a t y p i c a l e m o t i o n

As I stay flat on the ground
There’s so much flowing thorugh me
You’d think one body couldn’t hold it
I think another human would go insane… 86 weitere Wörter


This Day and Everyday

Today is not your first day

Today is a new day

Look at today with optimism

Be positive through any challenges

Remember to remain humble… 12 weitere Wörter


Mind Caresses

So deeply rooted

Within me that

I sense you in every

Nook and cranny

Of my entire being

Not in a thousand years

Will I ever let go… 48 weitere Wörter

Creative Writing


Don’t make my path your path.. All paths lead home..


My First Thought...

I wonder how many people will read this…?

If you have taken the time to read my rambling thoughts then, well… thank you! I appreciate you giving up your time to see what this is all about. 112 weitere Wörter



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The new year has come and gone, and we now have a new administration that says it is focused on „shutting down the virus.“ They won their election on the assumption that Trump didn’t have a plan, and promised „100 million… 459 weitere Wörter