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January This-and-That

To start us off right for January, Carol of the Gridster Bee chose Lori Holt’s Tall Pines Quilt Block, part of her Sew Your Stash series, found on… 871 weitere Wörter

Something To Think About

365 Project ~ Week 2

January 8th ~

January 9th ~

January 10th ~

January 11th ~

January 12th ~

January 13th ~

January 14th ~

365 Days

Brought a Guitar to the Luthier

Some days ago, I contacted a luthier and explained that I have an issue with one of my guitars. My Vintage V100 Lemon Drop had a little issue right after I purchased it back then. 558 weitere Wörter

This And That

Of course he chose my work shoes :-)

I don’t mind if it is cold but does it have to blow a strong wind at the same time? It’s ok down here at my cottage since the wind rarely reach us down here but up at the mailbox it’s just nasty. 394 weitere Wörter

This And That.

First festival of the year

…..and what a day it was! Happy Sankranthi all of you ❤️

Please allow me to say I out did myself with the sakkarai pongal today. 363 weitere Wörter

This And That

Spanish Moss Taking Over

A sepia toned photograph taken of an 1800’s monument being slowly engulfed in Moss. Typical southern scene, and one that reminds me why I am here.


Martin Luther, Henry VIII, and the Papacy

by Heather R. Darsie, J.D.

Most people familiar with Tudor history are aware that Henry VIII of England published in 1521 a tract defending the seven sacraments, which was a response to Martin Luther’s ideas being spread on the Continent. 1.224 weitere Wörter

This And That