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241 - Robot Dummy

What happens when tested? 
Fail so hard they think
You're more foolish than
A Fool - or if you're lucky
They realize they're talking
To your robotic practice dummy

Day 379 Temptation

Whether you believe in Christ Jesus or not, we all get tempted to do what is wrong or unwise. Somehow, we find the strength and zeal to overcome such temptations. 296 weitere Wörter

Positive Words

a test 

A Word of God 

A test of your bible. Does it have the word ‚test‘?  If not, do you know what you are doing here? You are being tested. 32 weitere Wörter


IBM's Asshole Test

„Some years back I applied to join IBM’s grad scheme, there was a peculiar stage to the process I’ve not seen elsewhere. It was during the onsite day, where a batch of 20 or so applicants were put through various tests in an IBM office.

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Test/ Ujian

Day 12 Test
LORD God, You are testing my obedience by testing my patience. When impatience is met with wavering faith, then decisions can go wrong, obedience eventually disappears. 53 weitere Wörter

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