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Seeking - #Poetry of #Spirituality and #Meditation

When the Light fails and shadows,
Like demons ,creep into the Twilight,
Refresh my Thoughts with Calm Tranquility
And Soothe my Senses as Mildly as Chamomile, 97 weitere Wörter


Body can jump or enjoy swing, where the rope is tied?

Surrender to a master

This body is pulled up – feelings of joy/awe/blissful ness/orgasmic – is experienced when God’s grace is showering upon you.

The body is pulled down by desires, ego, jealousy etc. 423 weitere Wörter

Quote of the day 💓

Become the hoarder of good habits and positive thoughts and witness all the stress of your material existence slowly fade away. 15 weitere Wörter

Happiness Habits

Corona spirituality – a poem

By V Kumaraswamy

It was a call from my daughter, voice sweet as honey as ever, enquiring after my welfare,

I said I was fine and countered her on the inscrutable disease and its surrounding despair, 419 weitere Wörter

The Sole Motive of Man's Existence by Sri Aurobindo - 2

Julian then proceeds to ask the guests to describe Love. Each person gives a description of Love in various ways.

Powell describes Love as slippery, mutable, multiform, amorphous and infinite. 416 weitere Wörter

Sri Aurobindo

The pastor I never forgot

Pastor Allen. I won’t say the church he worked at, or where, for his privacy’s sake. Pastor Allen was the coolest pastor I ever had. 270 weitere Wörter


answered to my heart ~

while I dreamed
forever tilted….
and I was thrown from bed
betrayed by sleep
as voices filled my head
as mercies –
broke the window… 92 weitere Wörter