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Closing Thought--05May21

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Will Mike Pence challenge his master in 2024?

It has been reported that Trump is vaguely promising he will run for president again 2024….but now Pence is signalling a plan as well…. 302 weitere Wörter


As Seen on TV!


and memorizing

are the messages from the great corporation

there is always something new to fear

and another another enemy to hate

the more we drink in… 101 weitere Wörter


White Lives Matter

There is a new movement called „Black Lives Matter“. This is nakedly racist and appears to be aimed at increasing racial prejudice against the lives of whites and of other coloured races. 362 weitere Wörter


Mental Health.....?

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
― J. Krishnamurti

I love this quote❤️
It’s quite simple in its sentiments but at the same time has far reaching implications when looked at in its broadest sense. 466 weitere Wörter


Saving the World.......?

For some reason I seem to be a kind of ’save the world‘ type of person. There are probably many reasons for this i.e. I’m an INFP if you believe in the Myerrs Briggs analogies or perhaps I am really trying to save myself to take on a more analytic concept. 511 weitere Wörter


“iaios” and heroes and how to take advantage of our grandparents

„A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots“

Marcus Garvey

I am a mother

Apart from that I am a sister, granddaughter, cousin and niece…

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