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All For Britain

It’s sickening.

Recently, it was reported that India had enforced astrazeneca injections legitimately obtained for Britain from Indian suppliers to be diverted away from Britain. Now they are begging for help with their runaway infections (mainly due to their stupid refusal to enforce a lockdown) and suggesting that it is our duty to give help to thieves. 433 weitere Wörter


Tu seras Heureux.

Lorsqu’un jour tu sauras dire non sans avoir peur, sans hésiter,
Lorsque tu sauras ignorer sans avoir mal,
Lorsque tu sauras te taire sans être gêné, sans pincement au cœur, 218 weitere Wörter


Photo of a pond reflection turned into this...

I really LOVE how this project looks. What started out as an attempt to photograph coy in a pond transformed into an abstract, colorful, mashup of shapes and designs. 194 weitere Wörter



ગામનો જ્યાં અંત આવે ત્યાં મસમોટું શહેર નીકળે;

ફંફોસીએ એના નાજુક સંબંધોને તો થોડું વેર નીકળે.

અહીં જૂઠ વેચાય સત્યના પારદર્શક દસ્તાવેજ સાથે,

દેખાય અમૃતનો પયાલોને પીવો ત્યારે ઝેર નીકળે!! 480 weitere Wörter


Car requires attention, Calle Bernaza, Havana, Cuba

A broken down car on Calle Bernaza in Havana. In the background we see the signage for a brand. Why are people so gullible about brands even in places like Cuba? 80 weitere Wörter


Closing Thought--05May21

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Will Mike Pence challenge his master in 2024?

It has been reported that Trump is vaguely promising he will run for president again 2024….but now Pence is signalling a plan as well…. 302 weitere Wörter


As Seen on TV!


and memorizing

are the messages from the great corporation

there is always something new to fear

and another another enemy to hate

the more we drink in… 101 weitere Wörter