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Broken: The Concept of Social Isolation and Crab-Mentality

BROKEN is a podcast series tackling the ills of society, released fortnightly by Ram Speaks. This is available as a podcast via the Manifesto: The Ram Speaks Podcasts outfit, a podcast-on-video on YouTube, and a text format here at WordPress. 966 weitere Wörter

The Hunger

As a Western woman traveler, what was the greatest gift bestowed upon me in Asia and South America?

I became no longer insulated from the extensive poverty in the world. 339 weitere Wörter


I answer Quora question 'What are the social, legal, and political functions of a local government?'

Local governments have often (but not always) included such functions as roads, firefighting, police, health care, local economic development, utilities, natural resources management, environmental protection, and recreation. 33 weitere Wörter


All Art is Useless and Worthless

Paraphrased quote from Oscar Wilde.

I was thinking about this the other day. If society were to completely collapse and your skill is art…are you valuable in any way…is art valuable in any way? 337 weitere Wörter


Reading John Milton’s Areopagitica in the information age | Aeon Essays

Published at the height of the first English Civil War, Areopagitica: A Speech of Mr John Milton for the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing, to the Parliament of England (1644), remains a powerful defence of free expression.

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Just a passenger.

The sound of wheels turning
squeaking, rattling
like a praying snake.
The voices of all the people crawling on my skin
i could sense their wanting sight… 183 weitere Wörter


Tolerance (2)

Why we should find another term for it

Tolerance is considered a virtue of a civilized modern society, along with openness and freedom of expression. And it generally is a good thing when society does not impose strict boundaries on how an individual should be. 277 weitere Wörter