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What you sow, you will reap, the mind is a powerful tool.

This video was one of the first I found. I discovered this just after I was sitting in my house and realized I wasn’t any happier than I was before I had all the things our family and society tell us will make us happy. 176 weitere Wörter


Kaitlyn Birr inspires people with her words and tells her thoughts on the world.

Kaitlyn Birr

Personally speaking Kaitlyn is truly one of the most inspiring women I have met and had the chance to talk to, she does her upmost to share the worlds story and inspire people to do better and be better, she is also a very beautiful and kind heart woman with a down to earth personality. 82 weitere Wörter


Progressives can't see progress anywhere

I had a guest at my cottage two weekends ago and it did not go well. We discussed victimhood culture, which she subscribes to, as many people on the left do. 528 weitere Wörter


A Colorless White World

Segregation in a modern society fueled by anti-racism — I will not silence myself because of my skin color

Writing this title, ‘A Colorless White World’ 1.181 weitere Wörter

Self Improvement


I never meant for it to be like this . What happened to the fun ,the party?

Today I had to use just to get up. 222 weitere Wörter


Marriage is an experience of unity in diversity. A process of realization of the Oneness. Marriage is based on friendship.

Beginning of an eternal journey: 155 weitere Wörter