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The Wind

The Wind

The original intent of this blog was to catalogue the idiosyncrasies that are stumbled upon in everyday life. I wanted the basis of this to be center on my love of sociology without all the technical language. 922 weitere Wörter

Late Bloomers: The Hidden Strengths of Learning and Succeeding at Your Own Pace

Late Bloomers will help you become more patient with the speed of your progress by identifying the damaging influences of early achievement culture and societal pressure and how to be proud of reaching your peak later in life… 1.184 weitere Wörter


do prisons really encourage reform?

The prison service in its many forms, a deterrence for some, an ongoing social issue for others. Is there safety in numbers?

The justice system globally has always been a hot topic of debate. 827 weitere Wörter


Myth, Conspiracies, Shame, and the Quest for Truth: 2

“All truth is God’s truth.”

John Calvin, ca 1560

(Photo credit – Quotefancy)

How does a society change?  How does a culture shift?  How does the basic belief system of a whole civilization turn in a new direction? 

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There are more than 2 genders

In college, taking a public speaking class was required and believe you me, I dreaded it. I haven’t really ever felt comfortable with the attention that goes along with speaking in public to a large crowd or any crowd. 385 weitere Wörter


The Incredible Story of Padma Shri Manjamma Jogati

From a transgender beggar- suffering social exclusion, poverty ,even rape- to the recipient of one of India’s highest civilian awards. Here’s an unbelievable account of the life of Manjunath Shetty aka Manjamma Jogathi… 655 weitere Wörter