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Simon Dominic - Run Away (Taxi Driver OST Part 5)

speed it up, yeah
noisemaster, make some noise
uh, let’s go

praise the lord, please be on my side
Each day is a battle, like a soldier… 350 weitere Wörter


TRADE L ft. Changmo & Wonstein - Ooh Aah (High School Rapper 4)

Open your eyes, get up
This isn’t a dream
All the things you wanted are right before your eyes
Oh woah woah
No one knew things would be like this… 520 weitere Wörter


Lil Nekh ft. Loco & Simon Dominic) - Naro (나로호) High School Rapper 4

Naro, I’m flying, as myself, yeah
Finally finally finally
Naro, I’m flying, as myself, yeah
Finally finally finally

The universe is so big, it’s dark, I can’t see ahead… 596 weitere Wörter


Heo Won Hyuk ft. BIBI & Simon Dominic - Meu Tempo (High School Rapper 4)

Back to the past
I was trapped in a dark box
Hearing sounds I didn’t wanna hear every night
It paints me darker and darker… 425 weitere Wörter


Simon Dominic & Loco - When Night Comes (밤이 되면)

When nighttime comes, it begins

This game is so seductive

Baby you can feel my pain

But when day time comes, everyone gets frightened 410 weitere Wörter


Noh Yoon Ha, YoBoy, Heo Won Hyuk, Lil Nekh ft. Simon Dominic - BIG BIG BIG (High School Rapper 4)

Let’s go

After I wake up, I’ve grown again like a man
For some reason today
I feel smoother than yesterday… 667 weitere Wörter


Simon Dominic - Party Forever

All these expectations and praise for me
They’re trying to say nice things to me right now
But that’s actually making me suffocate
So let me take a break in this room over there… 464 weitere Wörter