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How to add custom banner to alert "SharePoint 2010 workflow retirement" to site users and owners?


The SharePoint 2010 workflow will retire. Microsoft announced it, see the following link.

SharePoint 2010 workflow retirement

For my customer, even after multiple messages to the Admins and Owners there was not an immediate action taken by the owners. 304 weitere Wörter


Error loading debug manifests (debugManifestsFile)


I was creating a simple hello world application customizer using the following documentation.

Build your first SharePoint Framework Extension (Hello World part 1)

After following the steps and I tried to debug I got the following error. 93 weitere Wörter


Add primary or secondary site collection admin using Micrsoft PowerShell

Open the SharePoint Management Shell

At the PowerShell command prompt, type the follwing command to replace the secondar site collection administrator

Set-SPSite -Identity "<SiteCollection>" -SecondaryOwnerAlias "<User>"
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How to update the site logo in SharePoint

This post describes how to update the site logo in a classic SharePoint publishing site, plus how it differs from updating the site logo and thumbnail in modern SharePoint sites. 672 weitere Wörter

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Useful SharePoint URLs

This post is to serve as a reference point for all the useful shortcut URLs in SharePoint that help admins and super users get their jobs done much easier. 465 weitere Wörter

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How to add best bets or promoted search results in SharePoint

In this post we will look at how you can add, edit or remove best bet keywords in classic SharePoint and how to do the same with promoted results in modern SharePoint. 1.115 weitere Wörter

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Reset unique permission for SharePoint document library and files

Sometime we need to reset the unique permission for document library, sub folders and files. If the document library has only 1-2 documents then we can handle it manually, but if you have thousands of files and folder so its quite difficult to reset it for all one by one. 135 weitere Wörter