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Orange you glad?

Terrible pun, lovely preserves.

Last year, a friend turned up at my door with a bag of Seville oranges, which are rarer than hens teeth and have a super short season. 607 weitere Wörter

Bitter Oranges

The Old Jewish Quarter in Granada, Spain, is full of wonderful murals. I saw dozens of them today on a walking tour with Hadrian, who has devoted the past ten years to the city’s street art. 185 weitere Wörter


fallen oranges

The oranges have started to fall, and they are also being harvested around the city. Someone decided to do a little street art with these guys. 🍊🍊🍊


Seville orange marmalade (aka "Henderson marmalade")

It’s Seville orange season, which means it’s marmalade-making time. I’ve been doing this almost every year for as long as I can remember now, using the recipe passed down through the generations of the family of my late and much loved stepfather, so this is officially “Henderson marmalade”. 657 weitere Wörter