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3 Ways to Take Charge of Your Own Life

Life Behind the Boat

Dearest readers,

If you’ve ever been boating on a lake, you know what tubing is. It’s that giant water tube that’s attached to the boat by a long rope. 1.097 weitere Wörter

Self-Growth Letters

Why Am I Feeling Unhappy?

To all asking themselves this question,

On my wedding day, the pastor said something I haven’t forgotten.

„You may not always have happiness, but you can always have joy.“ 1.475 weitere Wörter

Self-Growth Letters

3 Things You Forget to Feed Yourself During the Holidays

Dearest readers,

The tables are set. Candles lit. Family close. Glasses full. Food warm.

Perhaps your auntie has already questioned when you’re getting married. Maybe grandma has turned up the volume on that slow tick of your biological clock. 1.116 weitere Wörter

Self-Growth Letters

When You're Feeling Guilty All the Time

The Should Monster

To those feeling guilty about everything,

I didn’t used to believe in monsters.

I’ve long grown out of the days where I check my closet for claws or jaws. 1.065 weitere Wörter

Self-Growth Letters

How to Live Your Dream in the In-Between

Dearest readers,

Do you want to hear my dot story? I’m going to tell it in a nutshell, kind of like Olaf does in Frozen 2 as he recaps the first film. 1.026 weitere Wörter

Self-Growth Letters

Managing Stress in the Midst of a Pandemic


„When a boat is lost in a misty fog, does the sailor focus on the lighthouse or the fog?“

You’ve got to be kidding me. 1.060 weitere Wörter

Self-Growth Letters

Tips on Time-blocking

Making Room

Download a free version of my time-blocking schedule here.
To all my non-planner friends,

It was an easy task, really. All I was instructed to do was put the tissue boxes above the cabinets. 756 weitere Wörter

Self-Growth Letters