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Trees for Life

storm damaged tree still growing

Trees for Life

We depend on trees

to sustain life in this world

care for trees for life

Sue Wood… 39 weitere Wörter

Isle Of Skye

‘Sneachd’ air Aghaidh na Tìre / ‘Snow’ in the Gaelic Landscape

Faodaidh ainmean-àite le sneachd innse dhuinn mu àiteachan far an laigh an stuth geal sa gheamhradh, agus àiteachan a thaisbeanadh a dhearbhas dhuinn buaidh blàthachadh na h-aimsire / … 1.968 weitere Wörter

Scottish Natural Heritage

Mulling over Ulva’s history

A mere hop, skip and jump from Mull will land you on Ulva.  An island with ancestral links to David Livingstone, known in the past as ‘Wolf island’, and the scene of sweeping Clearances. 583 weitere Wörter

Scottish Natural Heritage

The Lockdown Sessions - NatureScot's virtual house band

During the early days of lockdown when most of us were just getting acquainted with Zoom, the NatureScot Virtual House Band was formed. Each in their own little corner of Scotland the musicians merged to entertain the troops with some of their favourite tunes and show that while lockdown kept us apart, we were still connected through technology, music, nature and more! 285 weitere Wörter

Scottish Natural Heritage

Career through a lens: my favourite photographic memories

Working with us for over forty-five years now, our celebrated NatureScot photographer, Lorne Gill, has seen many changes to Scotland’s countryside. The creation of the West Highland Way and several other long-distance routes, two National Parks and the reintroduction of long lost iconic species to the Scottish landscape, to name just a few…Today Lorne shares some of his favourite memories from a career through a lens … … 1.919 weitere Wörter

Scottish Natural Heritage

Aiteann – ceangal eadar Dà Dheoch / Juniper – a link between Gin and Whisky

Bidh daoine a’ ceangal aiteann ri sine ach air a’ Ghàidhealtachd tha am preas cuideachd ceangailte ri uisge-beatha / Juniper is intimately linked with gin but, in the Highlands of Scotland, it also has connections to whisky … 1.204 weitere Wörter

Scottish Natural Heritage

Species on the Edge: Nature project aims to save more than 40 of Scotland's most vulnerable

More than 40 of Scotland’s most vulnerable coastal and island species are the focus of a new campaign, Species on the Edge, which aims to save Scotland’s nature for future generations. 401 weitere Wörter

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