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Article Nonsense and the quest for the Magic MacGuffins – Series 1, Part 6 (Final) - By C.J. Quince

Article Nonsense found himself being led down the narrow ‘chute’ known as Death Row with a feeling of unease. Their arrival in Rearwards had been, on the whole, rather negative. 994 weitere Wörter

C.J. Quince

Unholy Father Lives

Son sticks his pee pee maker in my sock. I say, „Use your own socks, you free balling freak. Challah, thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth


Cheat Codes

The reward for hard work is more work. So settle for less and stop working. It’s pointless. Is cheating wrong? Cheaters don’t think cheating is wrong until they get cheated on. 442 weitere Wörter


Real Joy

Everyone wants happiness, don’t let them take it. Some people cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go. Be happy, it drives people crazy. Doing what you like is freedom. 689 weitere Wörter


Yuk Yanker Yankee Yoh!

If I took steroids at sleepaway camp, I would’ve have struck out at a more accelerated
speed. Imagine Lou Gehrig missing a game because of COVID. 249 weitere Wörter


Alabama had more deaths than births of late; Why, we wonder?

And Todays Darwin Awards...

See, down South we don't need no damned inoculation
Even if its approved by the Food 'n' Drug Administration,
There's Lord knows what in that mixed-up Devils brew
And our Pastor sez th' Covid's just some jumped-up 'flu. 398 weitere Wörter

Seals of Good Governance

After due debate, UN Security Council’s permanent and non-permanent members settled on dining at the vegetarian Michelin destination Eleven Madison Park in the Flatiron district to discuss the finer points of their agreement to press Taliban to be more inclusive. 749 weitere Wörter