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Italy's new prime minister

Mario Draghi is appointed Italy’s new prime minister, as he begins the construction of his cabinet

Photo by Alessandra Tarantino for AP.

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Paraguay riots

Paraguay’s health system is on the verge of collapse, leading to public backlash and the resignation of government ministers

Photo by Reuters

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Equatorial Guinea explosion

Hundreds of casualties in Equatorial Guinea after a munitions factory explodes

Photo by EPA.

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A series of explosions at a munitions factory in Equatorial Guinea leaves at least 100 people dead, with a further 615 injured. 280 weitere Wörter


Mozambique war crimes

Recent investigations uncover worrying activities from both sides of Mozambique’s ongoing conflict

Photo by AFP.

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An investigation led by Save the Children found that ISIS-linked militants in Mozambique have beheaded children as young as 11, as well as killing up to 2,500 people. 202 weitere Wörter


Colombia's army killings

The Colombian army are under investigation for a series of historical unlawful killings

Photo by Daniel Munoz for AFP.

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How to stop the next pandemic

— 6 minute read– by Sam Feierabend and Derry Salter

Lessons learned from COVID-19

An empty Times Square, New York City

By Sam Feierabend

Pandemics have been a part of human civilisation for centuries, each presenting unique challenges to deal with, whilst also stretching the limits of scientific knowledge. 1.726 weitere Wörter